Regenerexx Follicle Stimulator

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  • Regenerates edges/thinning hairline!
  • Thickens hair and improves dry scalp!
  • Excellent for men/women and all hair types!

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REGENEREXX is that missing X factor product we’ve all be waiting for. Each and every ingredient of this highly concentrated formula was carefully selected to accelerate hair growth, regenerate disappearing edges or thinning hairlines and thicken the hair you already have. There’s no junk in this product; no perfumes, dyes, or fillers like mineral oil. The product is free of phthalates, formaldehyde, phenols, parabens and other harsh agents that clog the pores and can actually stunt hair growth. You will truly be amazed at your results. What’s the secret behind this unique product? Healthy hair starts at the scalp and follicle stimulation is key.

REGENEREXX Follicle Stimulator incorporates a proprietary blend of botanicals whose anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory proprieties effectively increase circulation to the scalp and create an optimal foundation for hair growth. If your edges have suffered the effects of tension or continuous protective styling, REGENEREXX will help restore them. If your hair is thinning due to hormonal changes, environmental factors or aging, this product will help to thicken it. Repair damage and effectively support your healthy hair journey.

Key Ingredients

  • Proprietary Botanical Blend – an effective blend of plant derivatives that increase circulation and stimulate growth at the hair follicle
  • Black Castor Oil – Shown to be effective in thickening the hair, promoting growth and sealing in moisture.
  • Jojoba Oil – This oil, which most closely resembles the sebum naturally excreted by the scalp, effectively cleanses clogged pores, prevents excessive dryness, flakes and other scalp irritations that stunt hair growth and prevent proper nutrient delivery.

Many REGENEREXX users report feeling a mild cooling sensation on the scalp upon application. This is normal as the product possesses anti-fungal properties and is designed to sooth dry scalp. Feel the product, then see the difference.

For best results, combine with our Hair Accelerator Vitamins or DHT Blocker.

Gently shake bottle before each use. Apply sparingly to the scalp and massage where possible. Do not rinse. Pay particular attention to any areas of vulnerability. Repeat several times per week.

Additional information

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16 reviews for Regenerexx Follicle Stimulator

  1. J (verified owner)

    I would recommend this oil. Not when it first touches your scalp but once you start massaging it in, you can feel it tingling. It’s too soon to speak on growth but I can definitely notice my hair getting thicker. I am waiting for the vitamins now!

  2. Cox, P. Eugene

    I wear my hair by shaving the back and fading the sides. My hair has gotten much thicker on the top. I apply a little of this probably every other day then apply to my beard. Kind of looks like I paid to get my beard polished when I didn’t. Really good product.

  3. Lousie P.

    Hair is growing a lot faster. Very happy

  4. Monica G.

    I cant lie, this stuff is great but I wish it came in an applicator bottle. I ended up buying an applicator bottle from the hair store and transferred a good amount of this oil to it so that I could better get to my hair when I have a sew in. Every 8 weeks when I take my hair down it is getting longer and thicker. It definitely wasn’t like this before I started using the product. I’ve only been using the oil but am going to try the vitamins with it. Hopefully my hair growth keeps going as good as it has been.

  5. Shante M.

    It works. It works. It works! This actually does what it says and unlike the tons of other products I have practically untouched under my bathroom sink, I use this from start to finish. I love it.

  6. Carroll H.

    My sister and I both have fine hair. Been using this for about 6 months, it’s helping a lot!

  7. Isabelle F.

    This is my fourth order of the follicle stimulator and I was totally bummed that some of it leaked out on the way to me. Customer service helped me resolved, but its annoying that happened. Quality wise though, the oil is definitely effective.

  8. Tracey M.

    The smell is a little medicinal, but maybe that’s from the raw ingredients. Nothing overpowering like that sulfur 8 stuff from back in the day. This oil really works tho so I cant really complain about that. Don’t have to use too much.

  9. Janelle W.

    Every single time I’ve bought a growth oil the first three ingredients are complete garbage. Mineral oil. Sesame oil. Petroleum. I still gave them a try because I was desperate, but always felt like I was getting a bottle of snake oil. This Regenerexx is a real and good product. It doesn’t have any of that stuff in there. I call it my liquid gold haha I will be ordering some more soon. My hair was chin length and it now bra strap length! Going to see if they’ll let me post a before and after pic. I’m so happy with my results.

  10. Keisha M.

    After I transitioned, I wore protective styles for a long time just because I was in this awkward phase when my hair was too long to look neat but too short to actually do anything with if that makes sense. My go-to protective style was hair extensions but I did not take care of my hair undenrneath and paid the price. Protective style or not you still have to care for your hair. The weaves I was wearing tore up my edges!!! Uggh the front in the right was super weak and on the left I pretty much has a bald spot. I chilled on the weave for awhile and used wigs instead along with this Regenerexx. My edges are now present and accounted for. This is my second install that I had in since I went back to trying a weave and so far so good honestly. I transferred some of the oil to an applicator bottle that I got at a hair store and that has made it super easy to get the product to my scalp even when I have an install in. Ladies if you wear weaves, wigs, twists or whatever you do to put your hair up, this oil is a must. My edges are back and my hair has been growing so much.

  11. Pauline S.

    As soon as I put the follicle stimulator on my scalp I feel a nice tingly feeling! My hair is so so much thicker now and I’ve seen growth as well. I think the bottle should recommend that people with very fine hair type only use a few times a week. Maybe I poured to much but the hair will get a bit greasy if you keep using it over and over without a wash and sometimes I can’t shampoo as often as I should probably.

  12. Sam S.

    I use the follicle stimulator to combat the thinning hair issue I’ve been experiencing. I wouldn’t say I am balding, but my hair is definitely thinner than it was 5 or so years ago. My hair is noticeably fuller with this stuff. People keep asking me about it. Use it the follicle stimulator a couple times a week, you’ll see a difference.

  13. Logan R.

    If you want growth and thicker hair. get yourself some of this follicle stimulator. First of all they give you a looot which is nice. I started seeing results with my first bottle too – its only a little more than half way gone 🙂 Oh also, when I was checking out reviews before I purchased the first time, I noticed some people mentioned the “smell” but I actually like it. Great product. Going to try the shampoo and conditioner at some point as well.

  14. Hornsbury, Ashley D.

    I have always had this bald spot right in the front that was very noticeable. My coworker had been ranting and raving about this Regenerexx oil that she had been using and was kind enough to pour me out a little bit just to give it a try. I started using it diligently for a few weeks. I am telling you, brand new hair actually starting growing, and I know this because this entiiire area in the front (widow’s peak/hairline area) was completely bald before. I took a quick photo that I am going to share so you can see. I already ordered my own and have been using it. My sister has pretty thin hair so I recommended it to her as well let her as well, but this stuff is excellent. In case it’s helpful I am caucasian, my coworker is african american. A lot of products say “great for all hair types” but that doesnt tend to be the case. She recommended the Regenerexx to me because she had had such great results and thought it might be able to help me. Now that I’ve been using it myself I can say that it absolutely has helped. If you’re trying to decide whether to give it a try, just try it. Not only is my hair looking thicker these days, but I it’s actually generating new growth and I never expecting something to work like that.

  15. Anderson, E.

    This will grow back your edges ASAP! After my first pregnancy my hairline never really recovered, the hair was just gone. I’ve been using this follicle stimulator religiously under my wigs and the hair has come back. It actually looks normal again. I’m so happy and have told everyone about this stuff. Try it, it works!

  16. Tangelica S.

    Okay so honestly, where was this stuff when I started my hair journey??! Oh my goodness, I love love love the follicle stimulator. I have always had thin hair. It’s been getting better since I went natural (when I was relaxed you could literally see my scalp lol). I stumbled upon this on Youtube and ordered just one bottle with some of their hair vitamins. My hair is growing faster and it is so much thicker. The bottle has lasted me a good while, but I am reordering when its finished for sure.

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