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I been using these vitamins for roughly a month now and I'm noticing my hair definitely appears thicker, healthier, and my curls seem to "pop" more. I cut my hair to around 1-2 inch length before I began using these and the growth I'm noticing is unreal. My 3c/4a hair has honestly never looked better and I can't wait to see how my hair looks by summer. Definitely plan on ordering a 6 month supply when I get the funds.
Z Porsche - avatar Z Porsche

I got to say i dont usually write stuff like this but JEEEZLEWIZ man this work so beautifully my hair feels like mint if you get that and its just so good and a tip if you want to expand your curls use blueberry bliss hair mask and leave in conditoner but this product is a MUST sorry for the speeling i dont really are about that stuff
Elroe AGENA - avatar Elroe AGENA

I would recommend this oil. Not when it first touches your scalp but once you start massaging it in, you can feel it tingling. It’s too soon to speak on growth but I can definitely notice my hair getting thicker. I am waiting for the vitamins now!
J - avatar J

So far,I am pleased with the shipping of the products and customer service. It is too soon to tell how the products work but will be doing an update soon. I have bought the hair follicle simulator, DHT blocker and the vitamin tablets. I will like to see if anyone has as used all three of this product.
demarkoparviz - avatar demarkoparviz

Good Product, Highly recommended
Jacob Lucas - avatar Jacob Lucas

Good products. Good deal.
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

I used to just take the hair vitamins, but decided to get this kit. Coming back to report that these products are really helping my hair. I run out out of them at fdifferent times, but they work.
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

I saw a lot of naturals on here youtube leaving reviews, but if you have relaxed or chemically treated hair, these products work really great. I have seen the speed of my hair growth increase, my scalp isn’t as dry, and my hair looks thicker. They work!
Melissa R. - avatar Melissa R.

Products are fantastic. I order this with a three month supply of vitamins and am stretching those so I can do a full 6 months. My edges began growing back really fast. Well at least that's what I noticed first. The combo of these products saved my hair!
Tamia Ranae - avatar Tamia Ranae

All of these products are working really well together and I watch my hair very closely. Started seeing growth in the front in a couple of weeks!!!! Compared to getting the products individually, this is a much better price.
Ruiz, Dante - avatar Ruiz, Dante

Good kit. products working for me.
Welco, Justin - avatar Welco, Justin

I decided to get some havana twists done while I was pregnant and they completely ripped my hair out. I shaved my head and decided to start over. This kit has been extremely helpful in helping me to grow my hair back and I can honestly say it is even healthier and stronger than before. I will continue to use the products.
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

I have been using these products for over two months now and have noticed new growth. That’s encouraging. I will continue to evaluate it.
Richard P. - avatar Richard P.

I have to quickly say that I LOVE these products. Please note, I was using just the supplement before but added the follicle stimulator and that’s when the growth was crazy. I guess they do slightly different things. These have truly helped me to regain much of the hair I had lost. New hair has started to come in as well.
Onikendo Onwuka - avatar Onikendo Onwuka

Too early to comment. Veeery fast delivery though. Will update after the first month.
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

These vitamins and growth oil work for me 100%. I have hair that regrew where I lost it. Its been over a year now. I reorder every now and then and my hair is much thicker now too. No complaints.
Tom R. - avatar Tom R.

I used these products a long time ago and got decent results even though I was really being consistent if I’m being real. Starting about 5 months ago right after my birthday, I reordered because I started losing a bunch of hair out of nowhere. It seems to be helping.
Greg Townsend - avatar Greg Townsend

Great products and price. Meeting my expectations 🙂
Mark F. - avatar Mark F.

Overall my experience with these the dht and follicle stimulator has been good, except I haven’t seen much improvement on the very top crown area or my hair. I have been taking the dht exactly as it says and never miss a dose. I have been applying the stimulator all over because I would say I have thinning hair everywhere, but the real balding is on the top and that seems to be the most resistant area for change. Will keep combining the two product s and look.
Wilson Reed - avatar Wilson Reed

Happy to write a review for these two products I purchased for my dad. He said he has seen his hair growing and seems to be very happy so I’m glad and would recommend to someone with a thinning hair problem.
Forde, Alyssa - avatar Forde, Alyssa

I was using the Regenerexx stimulator for a couple of months. I still had some hair loss, though the hair that I had was indeed fuller. I decided to combine these two products and that definitely did the trick. No longer losing hair like I was before and hair is much fuller.
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

Father of 2. Starting losing my hair in my early twenties and the hair I had left was thinning in on the top. I was surprised how well these two products worked, as I was considering much more aggressive treatments before. Itonly took a month for me to start seeing some new hair coming in, but such more noticeable changes in the third month. Had to reorder the dht but am making the hair oil stretch!!
Larry C. - avatar Larry C.

Definitely works but be patient. Saw results by the end of the first month and dramatic improvement over time, but it took a few more months for that.
Russell D. - avatar Russell D.

These two are amazing together. I had taken a diff DHT blocker before but hadn’t seen much change. I started with this dht blocker and order the hair oil just to give them a try. Started seeing results within several weeks.
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

I read a Men’s health article on balding and how to fix it naturally saying stuff like, change your diet to contain omega3a and saw palmetto and green tea and all of that to combat hair loss. While I’d like to believe that would help, my hair loss has been pretty bad over the years and I think I needed more than just a diet change.Besides who has time for all of that? I saw an advert on these two products online and bought them both. Wjat happned for me is that I started seeing some fine blonde hair growing in areas that had already fallen out. I won’t act that my hairline that had receeded magically came forward, but the fact that I had new hair coming in in places where hair had fallen out is a serious win. I always check ingredients and the items in both of these looked great. Bottom line: these work for regrowing hair.
Fisher M - avatar Fisher M

A lot of people have been asking me what I’ve been doing to grow my hair so fast and this is it: since the end of the summer I’ve been using the Hair Stimulator DHT Blocker and Follicle stimulator together. Check out my pics! I closely monitor my hair growth, and in just a few short months I saw several inches of growth and well as thicker hair. I used the follicle stimulator in the morning and evening a couple times a week. Where the regrowth supplement is concerned, I actually only took that once a day – starting out with a new supplement, I’m never really one to overload my system, so I just took it once a day and with the two products I honestly got great results. It’s nice to have hair growth products that work well for the guys! I would definitely recommend these both to anyone dealing with hair loss, or who wants to grow their hair longer asap.
Terrell T. - avatar Terrell T.

I am so happy with my purchase.
Steven May - avatar Steven May

Get this kit! I have seen a lot of growth and my hair is definitely thicker but most importantly my hair does not breaking any more. Everyone obsessed with hair growth, but whats the point of getting new growth at the root if you just lose it at the ends because your hair is damaged? I do NOT put heat on my hair. Twice a year for trims only. These vitamins and oil are amazing and I think the shampoo and conditioner pretty good too.
Porsha A. - avatar Porsha A.

Amazing hair growth. It works!
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

When I try a new brand I always use the products together. I was getting a little tired of the Shea Moisture tbh. They worked fine with styling but as far as growth is concerned, I needed to find something. I've been using this kit for a couple months now. Ran out of vitamins of course but will reorder. My hair is the healthiest it's been since I started my hair journey. I recommend.
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

Been using Hair Stimulator for a little over a year. I got the kit after the price of the hair vitamins went up a little bit. Products work great.
Dayton, E. - avatar Dayton, E.

Great products. Price is good. No complaints.
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

My hair growth has been incredible with these products. I have fine/thin hair by nature, but I have seen some thickness as well.
Johnathan R. - avatar Johnathan R.

I order this kit along with a three month vitamin supply and make that stretch for a good while. This is the healthiest my hair has been and I'm happy to share that with others. You don't have to do anything super complicated or spend a lot of money on fancy treatments. I have three kids and no time or extra money for all of that. I exercise when I can and I drink a ton of water. I've been incorporating the Hair Stimulator products into my routine and my hair really looks amazing. I could be in a commercial haha Happy customer 🙂
Kary Ann T. - avatar Kary Ann T.

I'm a bit of a hair product junkie and I can tell you these products are fantastic. Quality ingredients and I am getting really great results.
Carlotta W. - avatar Carlotta W.

I think all these products work really well, but I run out of the conditioner a lot faster than I run out of the shampoo. Would be nice to be able to get two conditioners because I just don't use shampoo as much. Have seen good hair growth this year tho.
Clark A. Paula - avatar Clark A. Paula

I have always had problems with my hair. I did one of those consultations (I got a free one through the FB page!) and they gave me a whole list of changes I could make to help my hair out. I didn't think my hair could grow this long and I've only been using the products for 6 months. Get a consultation, they are friendly and they really help me.
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

Getting this kit is a no brainer lol Best bang for your buck!
Anna Edwards - avatar Anna Edwards

These products are great seriously. My hair has never grown like this. My favorite is probably the follicle stimulator 🙂 but they're all pretty clutch.
Eva F. - avatar Eva F.

Alright I'm really excited about these products!! Hair is growing a lot faster. Here is what I think about each of the products in this kit. Vitamins – I started using these by themselves for a month actually before buying the Growth Kit. Made my growth much faster because it used to grow super slow. So I'm a huge fan of these. Follicle stimulator – This is my fav product. Oh my gosh when this stuff hits my scalp its a dream! My scalp is always so itchy so this help. I've also seen new growth in the front which is nice. Shampoo and Conditioner – I wash once weekly. Shiny and soft. Not much more to say on that.
Tiana C. - avatar Tiana C.

I've used different hair stimulator products individually before, its a great brand, never had any problems and it helped with my balding. This is the first time I got the whole kit. I did this so that I could save a little money. I like the kit but can you please offer a version with the DHT Blocker? Seems only fair to have a bundle that has the DHT with the other stuff too.
Giuseppe R. - avatar Giuseppe R.

Bought the kit so me and my mom could share, we both love the products. She takes her own One a Day 50 plus vitamins so we didn't share that product. Hair is growing way faster for us both. Going to order my own kit next time!
Mercedes G. - avatar Mercedes G.

So I took the plunge and ordered the whole kit. I did the math and this was the cheapest way to get all the products. It's been about six months and I can honestly say my hair growth is crazy. Pros 1. They work. I know my normal growth rate and it's slooooooow. There is no way my hair would be growing this fast without these products. 2. These ppl always seem to be running sales. I was able to snag the kit on a sale and also reordered vitamins at a discoutn when I ran out of those. 3. I have REALLY sensitive skin. So far no reactions at all. That is amazing. Cons 1. I wish they offered this kit with more than a 1 month supply of vitamins because I still have tons of shampoo and conditioner and a decent amount of oil left. I ran out of the vitamins before the other products and had to reorder but other than that I'm really happy.
Emma S. - avatar Emma S.

I transitioned my hair this summer and then finally just big chopped. It is really hard to find products that work well on transitioning hair but this did and it continues to work really well now that I've chopped. First of all my hair is super detangled. I used to use my Denman brush a lot but once I apply this I can just glide through with a comb. My hair also looks shinier and it is so much thicker now. I'm honestly in love!
Christie T. - avatar Christie T.

These two products work wonders. My hair used to be so thin but I now have noticeably thicker hair. Hair feels pretty moisturized as well.
Chiu, M. - avatar Chiu, M.

Works great. Seeing results already!!! Thank you
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

These two products helped me fix my severely damaged hair after a winter of wearing my hair up in a tight puff. Smell was pleasant. I did feel a slight cooling when I used the shampoo but that actually felt really good on my scalp.
Kanisha J. - avatar Kanisha J.

These are great. I usually run out of the conditioner first to be honest, but I always order these together to save a few bucks. Works great.
Anonymous Customer - avatar Anonymous Customer

This brand is my favorite shampoo and conditioner. It just makes sense to be able to clean and condition your hair while also helping with your hair growth. My hair is nice and thick and its definitely the strongest it's ever been.
Nguyen, S. - avatar Nguyen, S.

I did a ton of bleaching freshman year in college and my hair was honestly like hay after that. Dry. No life whatsoever. I was using a regular shampoo for color treated hair, but my hair was the exact same. I just figured I had permanently changed my hair texture. My roommate actually had this so I tried it out for a couple weeks. I can't describe to you how different my hair felt! I think that the damage is starting to get fixed. I bought my own and they're both working really good for me.
Katie G. - avatar Katie G.

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