Hair Accelerator Vitamins

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  • Helps hair grow longer, stronger and thicker!
  • Effective for hair loss, breakage and slow growth!
  • Excellent for men/women and all hair types!
  • Full spectrum vitamin with a complete blend of amino acids and minerals required for protein synthesis.

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Hair Accelerator Vitamins were specifically developed to address all your hair needs and accelerate the hair growth process. Each all natural vegan tablet nourishes your hair from within and provides the structural nutrition necessary for longer, stronger, thicker hair.

Key Ingredients

  • MSM – A sulfur-based compound that delivers a principal building block of hair
  • Biotin – Plays an essential role in hair growth, assists with keratin production and supports healthy hair (and nails)
  • Pantothenic Acid – Strengthens and supports hair follicles
  • Vitamins A and D – Provides the antioxidant properties necessary to promote healthy hair and scalp
  • Vitamin B12 – Essential for hair growth; provides nourishment to hair follicles and oxygenates the scalp
  • Niacin – Promotes healthy blood flow and circulation to the scalp

Longer, Stronger Thicker Hair

Hair Accelerator Vitamins give your hair everything it needs to be at its healthiest. This supplement provides the hair with the structural nutrition and proteins required to accelerate the hair growth process, reduce breakage and noticeably thicken the hair. Although Biotin is widely used to assist with hair growth, many other products fail to provide the right combination of b-group vitamins, amino acids and other key minerals needed for effective protein synthesis. Hair Accelerator is a full spectrum vitamin providing all these ingredients and more in an all-natural, easy to swallow Vegan tablet.

  • Helps your hair grow faster and healthier!
  • Many customers experience growth at 2 to 3 times faster than their current growth rate.
  • Very effective for improving thickness, hair luster and strength.
  • Hair is less prone breakage and splitting (even during cold winter months).
  • Great for both men and women!
  • All natural and easy to swallow!
  • Vegan tablets. Avoid the nasty side effects many users experience due to the shellfish derivatives and other inactive ingredients found in other supplements.
  • Balanced nutrition improves overall hair health!
  • Great for skin and strengthening brittle nails as well!

Supplement Ingredients

MSM, Niacin, Biotin, Panthonenic Acid, Iodine, Maganese Gluconate, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12, Chlorophyll, Zinc Oxide, PABA, Essential Amino Acids (L-Isoleucine, L-Arginine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Methionine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Valine, L-Cystine, L-Aspartic Acid, L-Serine, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Proline, L-Glycine, L-Alanine, L-Tyrosine, L-Histidine, L-Arginine)
Hair Accelerator Vitamins have been a top seller for years. With consistent use, customers see excellent results!

Adults, take two capsules per day with food. Recommended for all hair types*

*Always consult your physician before beginning any vitamin or supplement program.


Additional information

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36 reviews for Hair Accelerator Vitamins

  1. Z Porsche (verified owner)

    I been using these vitamins for roughly a month now and I’m noticing my hair definitely appears thicker, healthier, and my curls seem to “pop” more. I cut my hair to around 1-2 inch length before I began using these and the growth I’m noticing is unreal. My 3c/4a hair has honestly never looked better and I can’t wait to see how my hair looks by summer. Definitely plan on ordering a 6 month supply when I get the funds.

  2. Munoz, Renata

    This is a quality product and they really work. I don’t know why I’ve always had problems with growing my hair, but this is the only thing that has made a difference. It’s only been 3 months and I can tell you I have seen Significant growth. And as for thickness, it’s on another level. Going to reorder.

  3. Alicia J.

    I’m obsessed with these Hair Accelerator vitamins!!! I had longer hair in the front and shorter in the back around the nape. Now my hair is def growing longer even in that back area. Loving these

  4. Foster, A.

    I’m obsessed with these Hair Accelerator vitamins!!! I had longer hair in the front and shorter in the back around the nape. Now my hair is def growing longer even in that back area. Loving these

  5. Anonymous Customer

    I got a one month supply. Still undecided . I think they’re working but not sure I can assess the true efficacy of the product after just one month. People seem to really like these vitamins though. I’m going to reorder. Will update my review.

  6. Meagan A.

    These vitamins work fine but I’m taking off stars because they used to sell on Amazon on Ebay but not I can only find them on the site. Please put them back on the other platforms so that I can get them quicker. Thank you!

  7. Filipczak, Tara

    I love these vitamins. My hair looks healthy and my nails look so long. I was tapping them against the desk really hard to show my sister the other day…my nails are super hard like I have acrylics! I’m going to give it a full year and see how long my hair will be.

  8. Annette N.

    I tried to use those Sugar bear gummies that Kylie had on her IG at one point, but I swear those things were pure sugar and they broke me out badly. No bueno. I’m back to my Hair stimular accelerator vitamins. They always worked for me with none of the extra issues.

  9. Katherine W.

    Whenever I’ve seen hair vitamins, I always wondered what happens when you stop taking them. Does all your hair fall out or something crazy like that? Well I not know the answers. I used to take the accelerator vitamins years ago, but I stopped after I got pregnant because my doctor already put me on prenatal vitamins and I didn’t want to be taking anything along with them I breastfed after that so I really have been off these for a long time. 1) My hair didn’t fall out (thank god!) and I honestly didn’t experience anything negative. My hair growth rate just went back to what it was before I started taking the vitamins in the first place – slow as all heck! I ordered a three month supply and I am about half way through. My hair is back to growing faster and it is really really thick. I am going to give the follicle stimulator a try just to deal with a small thinning spot I have in the front from the box braids I wore while at home with the baby. This is a fantastic product though.

  10. Anonymous Customer

    Okay so like everyone says these definitely work and they work quickly I might add. I sometimes have problem swallowing pills but these tablets are small so that’s great. Only critique I’d say is that these kind of smell a little bit. Not to be a baby, it’s obviously not going to stop me from taking them though! I’ve gotten really good hair growth with these.

  11. Anonymous Customer

    Take them, they work!

  12. Becca Kinsingly

    These are so great. I’m vegan and I have a shellfish allergy. It can be hard to find supplements that I can actually take. These are all natural and vegan and work really really well. 5 stars

  13. TL Schleich

    Semi-new user here. I just got a one month supply. Seems like its helping but I probably should have just gotten the three month supply to be sure. The reviews are so good though, I’m going to reorder. So far so good though.

  14. Katrina W.

    Seems like everyone trying to grow their natural hair is taking one thing or another. I had tried one other brand before but I think they really overdid it on the biotin and my skin was on fire. I have been doing really really well on these so far. Got a nice big puff now.

  15. Robinson, Malcolm

    My fro is looking thicker which is good. Also I randomly started getting adult acnes last year, but when I started on these my skin looks better – haven’t had any acne is at least three months. They’re good.

  16. Snaukstas. VB

    I used to take a straight Biotin supplement from Walgreens drugstore but I couldn’t finish the bottle. My scalp was so itchy, I was thinking people at work were thinking I had lice or something. My skin was itchy too. It’s not worth it. I’ve been taking these for three months. They are a little more expensive then the Walgreens vitamins I was taking but those were trash so I guess that’s that. If you want longer hair, use these. They are working for me for sure.

  17. Anonymous Customer

    These vitamins definitely definitely help my hair grow.

  18. Priscilla S.

    I tried a new salon because my usual person was out of town which was a big mistake. I asked for a trim. Not a cut. I lost at least 6 months of growth in the process. These vitamins had been popping up in my facebook feed so I gave them a try. It is not a overnight miracle but I can honestly tell you that they appear to be helping. My hair is growing faster. My usual stylist asked me if it contains biotin and it does. She recommended I also take MSM but this has that in there too. I plan to keep taking the product and yes, I recommend.

  19. Anonymous Customer

    I used to get a quarter inch maximum between touch ups. I’m getting much faster growth thanks to these vitamins. Hair is healthy.

  20. Lankford. G.

    My hair feels really good and strong and the other thing I’ll mention is the color. Before I started using these my hair color was just off. Not grey or anything, but just not as dark as it used to be a long time ago, looked more dull. I have noticed my proper hair color is coming back. It looks shiny and healthy without me having to spray a bunch of oil sheen on it which is nice.

  21. Della L.

    Got a three month supply. Works great, what more can I say.

  22. Wray, C.

    Just got a touch up this morning, this is the most new growth I have ever had in 8 weeks. Definitely work really well!

  23. Paul N.

    Good product. Working well.

  24. Adeyinka T.

    This is the healthiest my hair has been by far since I started using these hair vitamins. If you’ve heard of Kameron Monet on YouTube, she recently posted a video raving about the Follicle Stimulator by this same company. I’ll be trying that out next!

  25. Pimentel, X.

    I’m only in my 30s but I when I would get my hair cuts I started to notice my hair was getting thinner. My barber mentioned it to me too actually. I saw these on IG, gave it a try. I’m getting some growth and the hair is not as thin, especially on the sides. It was helpful enough to me to come on here and leave a review. Will use for a few more months and see where I’m at.

  26. Jacqueline W.

    This is the 3rd hair vitamin brand that I’ve tried and I’ll be sticking with them. The first made me breakout, the second felt like a waste – if you’re a good hair vitamin I should be able to see a good amount of growth pretty quickly. Hair Accelerator is my favorite. I can see the growth and no breakouts. I’ve seen some people mention they take along with other growth supplements but that seems kind of OD to me. These are working for me just fine.

  27. Anonymous Customer

    I love these vitamins. I’ve gotten great growth and thickening with these. They’re small and they work well consistently. I’ve been a loyal customer and I’m registered with the blog so I get all the info on the sales but where is the promotion from last year where you could refer a friend and get a free bottle of vitamins if they order a three month supply? I have literally told my sisters, coworkers and friends about Hair Accelerator because they are really good, but please bring that promotion back!

  28. Anonymous Customer

    Acceleration vitamins actually do what it says on the label. Hair is longer, its stronger and its thicker. I’m a fan.

  29. Tanisha J.

    Okay so I had order some of these a long time ago. I used a bottle and I think results were okay but I was running down the street with hair down my back lol so I don’t think I reordered. I got an email over the summer of a vitamin “Flash Sale” on 3, 16 and 12 months supply. I got the three month supply, just wanted to see if it would help me get longer hair in time for the holiday. Let me tell you, if you are going to try taking hair vitamins, dedicate a couple months to it. Month one was okay, but month 2 and 3 is where the magic really happened. Maybe they needed to build up in my system or whatever, but my hair just started growing so much. These really work. I am going to wait for another sale or just order them regular if necessary. So good!

  30. Paul M.

    Haven’t started using these yet but rating it 3 because my order took longer than I expected to arrive. I had wanted to start the first of the month. Call the 800 number, they offered me a code to pay less on a future order so at least theres that. Going to give these a try and see. Will update my review.

  31. Corrine D.

    I do length checks religiously. Used to get about 2 inches of growth maximum between my blowouts. This time was a little bit under 5 inches. Trust me, these work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Anonymous Customer

    I’m on a journey to waist length hair 🙂 Been using these for about a year. I put my sister on and am trying to get my mom to try as well. These are freakin amazing. I can tell from my length checks that my hair is definitely growing faster. Hoping they have christmas sales or something and I would just order a one year supply so that I’m set.

  33. Ryan Q.

    Been taking these for several months now. My hair used to be super thin, especially along the sides. It is way thicker now and growing faster so the vitamins do what they say. I deducted a star for the vitamin smell. Does anyone think they have a minty-ish smell to them? Kind of reminds me of these GNC supplements I used to take. Nothing crazy, but I noticed that. I will continue to use though.

  34. Joy S.

    Sharing my story hope it helps 🙂 and Sorry for the photo. So I went natural in November 2013 and like everyone else on this journey wanted my hair to grow back as quickly as possible. I had seen some celebrity reviews for Hairfinity so I figured I’d give it a try. Biggest mistake ever. My skin suffered tremendously, acne out of nowhere and I literally broke out in hives. That’s what this picture is from. I reached out to the company and didn’t get much support. When I spoke to my doctor she said a lot of these hair vitamin companies go overboard with the Biotin as that it can cause all kinds of bad reactions. Ever hear that saying “too much of a good thing is bad?” Well I suffered the consequences of that. I’m not really much into scrutinizing labels, I just figured it would be okay. A couple of months ago, my hair stylist started selling Hair Accelerator vitamins and said I should give it a try. For obvious reasons I was reluctant but I ended up getting a bottle. I got amazing results – my hair is growing much faster and its noticeably stronger, not shedding much on wash days etc. and what’s even better is that I’ve experienced literally NO bad side effects. No itchy skin, no hives, no acne. This is a quality vitamin and I have continued taking it since. You won’t be disappointed.

  35. Anonymous Customer

    My hair is growing and my nails are super strong. I do a regular manicure and its almost like I have a gel. I didn’t order these for my nails, but a cool little plus. My hair is not only breaking much less, but the other thing I was gonna say is that it looks a little darker, hard to describe, but less dull I guess you could say? Maybe that happens when you hair gets healthier, I don’t know, but I’m loving my experience with these hair accelerators so far.

  36. Jessica Landry

    I’m on a journey to bra strap length. Here are results from a three month supply! Will definitely keep using. These are working great.

  37. Saskia W.

    Last year after doing back to back a couple of back to back weaves my edges were struggling. It’s not just that, hair was getting thin in the crown as well. I gave the accelerator vitamins and Regenerexx serum a try together. Trust me you have to try them! New growth starting popping up all in the edges and my hair is definitely thicker.

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