So you just big chopped and you look in the mirror and are thinking, what did I just do? Don’t worry I was there just a few short years ago. I’ve been through so many ups and downs since then but I am here to tell you IT IS SO WORTH IT!

Here Are My 6 Tips to Grow Your Natural Hair After the Big Chop

1. Stop (or at least reduce) Using Heat

I know I know shrinkage seems like the worst thing in the world, but it’s actually a sign of healthy hair (if that is your texture/hair-type). The hard truth is that every time you use heat on your hair it is susceptible to heat damage. Heat can refer to flat ironing (or straightening), hot comb (yes I went there lol), wand curling, blow drying, etc. Now I’ll be honest I do use heat, but not often. In the very beginning of my natural hair journey I used heat once or twice at the most. Now that I am almost 4 years natural I blow dry my hair about 5 times a year and straighten it about 3 times a year. And I always use heat protectant. Plus, there are so many ways to stretch your hair without using heat such as: flexi rods, twist outs, braid outs, etc.

2. Keep Your Hair Moisturized

I have type 4 natural hair and my hair tends to be very dry. Generally, in the beginning of your natural hair journey your hair will feel dry. Don’t worry you just have to get used to moisturizing your hair more often. It’s so important to add moisture to your hair regimen (we’ll discuss this in tip #3). The best moisture is water, just make sure you seal in that moisture properly. Also, the ends of your hair are the oldest parts of your hair and tend to be the driest, so make sure you are moisturizing your ends. It’s important to incorporate moisture into every aspect possible of your hair care routine; so that means cleansing and conditioning, not just styling. A quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Drenched Maximum Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect way to do this. These products are sulfate free, contain ingredients to speed the hair growth process and most importantly, they infuse your strands with moisture which is essential. Another important key to moisturizing your hair is deep conditioning. Ideally, you should deep condition every time you wash your hair. However, “listen” to your hair, if it seems dryer than normal or you are going to use heat, deep condition.

3. Create a Hair Regimen That Works for You BUT Be Flexible

There are so many different influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers that have amazing hair regimens. Take their regimens and make it your own. For me, my actual hair routine stays the same for the most part, but the days vary. For example, I may wash my hair every 2 weeks (which is ideal for me) but with my crazy busy schedule as a law student and YouTuber sometimes I go a whole month (don’t judge me lol). But that’s what works for me. The natural hair journey is all about trial and error, so it’s ok if you have to change your regimen a few times until you find what works for you. Just keep trying and you’ll have your “voila” moment.

4. Try Out Protective Styles

I am a protective style queen, ok maybe not all that (lol), but I love to protective style. I have a super busy schedule as I spoke about before, so I will throw on a wig and slay the day away with the quickness. Protective styles have a lot of benefits: it protects your hair from harsh weathers in the colder months, .reduces damage from daily maintenance, gives you a break from your natural hair, etc. Some protective styles include: wigs, sew ins, extended braids, Marley twists, faux locs, crochet styles, etc. Also, protective styles do not have to include extensions. Buns, non-extended twists, and bantu knots can be protective styles too.

5. Drink Water

More water is important in general, especially when it comes to hair growth. I try to drink at least the recommended eight 8 glasses a day. Sounds like a lot, but I have a water bottle that holds 32 ounces, so 2 of those and I’m good. If you struggle with drinking water, try infusing it with fruit such as lemons or cucumbers.

6. Be Patient

PATIENCE, PATIENCE, AND MORE PATIENCE! The natural hair journey is a marathon not a sprint.

By: Kameron Monet

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