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Our Mission

Helping you achieve your longest, strongest healthiest head of hair!

The Hair Stimulator mission is simple: to deliver the highest quality, most effective growth and healthy hair products available today. We rely on science and extensive research to create the most effective formulations possible, while maintaining our commitment to a natural, botanical-based approach.

Hair Stimulator is committed to:

  • Accelerate hair growth with high-performing, filler-free products.
    • Products are sulfate free!
    • Vitamins are all natural and vegan!
    • No butylparabens, formaldehyde,or other harsh agents.
  • Help customers retain length by drastically improving hair health!
  • Combat hair loss, thinning and breakage from the inside out!
  • Provide effective solutions for cleansing, growth and rejuvenation.
  • Conduct ingredient research and product innovation!
  • Invest in customers through education on ingredients, product solutions and hair care.
  • Enhance customer confidence!
  • Not testing on animals!
  • Eco-friendliness through recyclable product packaging!
  • Manufacturing products domestically. All products Made in the USA!

Offering products that are truly effective for everyone!

Hair Stimulator values diversity and inclusion. We prioritized a multi-cultural approach in our research and development in order to help all people combat hair loss, slow growth and other hair woes. Women and men of all ethnicities and hair types have found our products to be helpful in facilitating growth, retaining length and increasing hair health.

Hair Stimulator products are great for:

  • Women and men of all ages!
  • Natural hair!
  • Relaxed or chemically treated hair!
  • People suffering from hair loss, excessive shedding or damage!

Our Values

Progress over Profit

In an attempt to cut production costs, many brands load their products with tons of “fillers” – useless ingredients that do nothing to make the products perform better. Typically fillers aren’t essential to a product’s active formulation, nor do they enhance the purpose of the product. However, fillers are often used because they’re cheap and they create bulk, which leaves less room for the high quality active ingredients that will actually get you results. Here at Hair Stimulator we take a much different approach. We made a conscious decision to incorporate only the highest quality ingredients because we want our customers to see results as quickly as possible. No junk. No short cuts. We proudly manufactured all of our products in the United States. We use recyclable product packaging and do not test on animals.

Customer Education

Hair Stimulator doesn’t just provide you with excellent products, but we also strive to give you the knowledge and insight that will help you achieve your healthiest head of hair. In addition to utilizing the web, social media and live events, we also provide our customers with scientific data about their hair goals and product needs in the following ways:

Hair Stimulator Blog Want to learn more about common hair growth issues, new trends and treatments? Check out our Blog. We strive to provide new and exciting content about hair loss, hair growth and insight into how to be successful on your healthy hair journey.  The Hair Stimulator Blog is also the place to be to learn about product promotions and discounts, new products and giveaways. Connect with us on social media as well.

Hair Consultations To help support your hair journey, we are extremely excited to offer one-on-one Hair Consultations free of charge to all Hair Stimulator customers. During your consultation you’ll be able to share your particular hair concerns and get specialized knowledge from Hair Stimulator staff on how to address these issues with an effective hair regimen tailored to your specific needs. Simply Contact Us today to schedule your free consultation.

Excellent Customer Service

Hair Stimulator is committed to providing excellent customer service. Whether you have a question about one of our products, have an issue with an order or need help choosing the product that’s best for your particular hair needs please reach out! We truly love hearing from our customers and are here to help. We can be reached via email at info@hairstimulator.com or (571) 290-3181.

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