Drenched Maximum Moisture Hair Growth Conditioner

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Drenched Maximum Moisture Hair Growth Conditioner to soften the hair and improve manageability while effectively promoting hair growth.

  • Moisturizing sulfate – free formula!
  • Great for all hair types, including low porosity hair.
  • Soften hair, increase shine and manageability!
  • Infused with Regenerexx Follicle Stimulator!

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Moisturize, soften, repair and revitalize hair with Drenched Maximum Moisture Hair Growth Conditioner. This unique formula not only contains all the properties needed to soften and hydrate the hair, but is also enriched with Regenerexx, our proprietary follicle stimulator.  With jojoba and castor oils as well as an array of invigorating botanicals, this conditioner nourishes dry hair and promotes thickness and hair growth all at once. With consistent use, hair will be healthier and easier to manage.

  • BTMS Conditioning Emulsifier – Naturally derived from Colza oil, BTMS is an effective softener noted for its exceptional mildness.
  • Emu Oil – Made up of essential fatty acids, like omega – 3s, emu oil is extremely moisturizing and naturally reduces inflammation and other scalp ailments. Emu oil also acts as an effective carrier oil to deliver this product’s other high quality nutrients to the hair and scalp.
  • Regenerexx – A highly concentrated follicle stimulator that incorporates a proprietary blend of botanicals whose anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory proprieties effectively increase circulation to the scalp and create an optimal foundation for hair growth. Helps to accelerate hair growth and drastically thicken hair.

Other Ingredients

Deionized Water, Glycerin, & Fragrance.

Wash hair thoroughly with Drenched Maximum Moisture Hair Growth Shampoo to cleanse hair and remove product buildup from the scalp. Follow with Drenched Maximum Moisture Hair Growth Conditioner and rinse.

Additional information

Weight 13.2 oz

6 reviews for Drenched Maximum Moisture Hair Growth Conditioner

  1. Luerena H.

    This is now my go-to cowashing product. I work out a lot. I don’t shampoo more than once a week but I do cowash frequently with just this conditioner. This conditioner is perfect. Better than any others I have used.

  2. Aracely G.

    I am hispanic and have curly but thin hair. Hair is brunette, never got it colored. I had severe heat damage. I was getting a blow out one day (obviously haha) and my stylist recommended this conditioner. My hair is already down my back so I can’t say I was looking for growth but my hair is a lot thicker and it’s much much curlier now! I don’t know if it’s just because the product made my hair healthier and that’s why the curls started to come back, but you can really see the difference. I haven’t used this as a leave in conditioner yet, but not sure if I should do that because the bottle does say to rinse. This is a great conditioner though.

  3. Michael A.

    This conditioner isn’t just great for hair it is great for unruly beards as well! I always used this on my hair and one day decided to give it a try in my beard. I put some in, rinsed and combed through. This leaves my hair very soft, manageable and I can comb through with such ease.

  4. Naomi P.

    My hair is like butter with this conditioner. Butter! I leave it on with a shower cap while I’m shaving my legs and what not then that’s it. It eliminates the need to have to deep condition as often which is great because I don’t have time to do that every weekend.

  5. Tamera R.

    I have 4c hair. On top of that it is low porosity and it I don’t use the right products, will literally dry to a crisp when I step out the shower lol I loved the Drenched Conditioner. I’ve always used an olive oil shampoo but to be honest, I might give the hair stimulator shampoo a try as well.

  6. Phyllisa M.

    OMG my hair is so soft when I use this conditioner. They used to have just an emu oil based onditioner, but this version seems to have more good products in it. Happy with my results.

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