I don’t know about you but I love a good wig slay. There are so many styles, textures, colors, and types of wigs. I love to change my hairstyle and doing that with wigs can break the bank over time. That is why I am all about the affordable slayage! I have an entire “Affordable Wig Series” playlist on my YouTube channel and you can access it here:

But why wigs? The number one reason why I love wigs is because they are a great protective style. Protective styling is so important to my natural hair journey and I’m sure many of you can relate. Protective styling allows me to protect my hair from daily manipulation, allows me to retain length by keeping my ends covered, allows me to try different hair colors without damaging my natural hair, and so much more.  When it comes to finding an affordable wig, synthetic is the way to go. I know what you’re thinking, Kameron I want a natural human hair slayage. Let me tell you, I’ve worn so many synthetic wigs that people swore were human hair. There are so many synthetic wigs that you can use heat on just like you can with human hair wigs. And the best part is synthetic wigs are much more affordable. Now that you’ve decided on choosing a synthetic wig, the next question is lace wig or half wig. Half wigs are cheaper than lace wigs, but lace wigs give you that natural hair look without having any of your hair out like you’d need for a half wig. I have a whole video on how I slay half wigs from start to finish with minimum leave out.

Some of my favorite affordable wig brands are: Outre, It’s A Wig, Bobbi Boss, Sensational, just to name a few. Pro tip: order your wigs online for a cheaper price than in your local beauty supply store.

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